UUCS Supports Move to Amend

Move to Amend

Move to AmendMove to Amend is an effort to amend the United States Constitution to affirm that the rights guaranteed therein apply only to flesh and blood individuals and that money does not equal free speech which can, therefore, be regulated. UUCS unanimously voted to support this stance a couple of years ago and the folks at MTA have been diligently pushing for its adoption statewide.

There is a two pronged effort to achieve this goal. One is for two thirds of the United States Congress to propose an amendment. The second is a Constitutional Convention, which requires at least two thirds of the states to call for. If either avenue is successful, it will still require the ratification of the amendment by three quarters of state legislatures. Oregon has successfully passed a measure urging the US Congress to propose an amendment. This is a big step toward insuring the continuation of our democracy. Move to Amend continues to pressure the Oregon legislature to call for a Constitutional Convention.

Action is still needed to push this issue forward.