Explanation of 2017-18 Operating Budget

This budget was approved by the UUCS congregation during the annual meeting on May 21, 2017

The total projected income for the Proposed 2017-18 Budget is $313,695. While pledges still provide the majority of the income (88%), total pledges were less than the current year. Projected Pledge income was discounted by 1% rather than 2% used in the past because only the actual pledges received by April 7, 2017 were used as the basis of next year’s projected pledge income.

The Budget Committee used prior history to project expected income in other categories such as the Sunday plate offering, non-pledge income, and investment income. Projected Fundraising Income was increased by $4000 with the expectation of the auction next fall. Net building rental was increased by $5000 based on the additional rental from the preschool.  The current amount in the childcare fund was transferred into the operating budget to cover the costs of providing childcare for activities. The total projected income for 2017-18 is $9,815 more than the current year’s budget. That is a 3.2% increase.

Following last year’s process, the Budget Committee met with all of the Teams to better understand their goals and what resources they need to further those goals. The process enhanced the Budget Committee’s understanding of the impacts of any budget reductions or new investments before the total income was known. It also helps improve the Teams’ knowledge of the budget process.

The proposed Budget funds a 2% salary increase for all current employees, increases in costs for essential services in Facilities and makes strategic investments in Religious Exploration and the Music program.  The two RE Assistants staff hours were increased from three to four hours a week for each assistant.  A position was created for the childcare workers to bring the church into compliance with state labor laws. The Staff Salaries and Benefits amount includes a $2,500 stipend for the Intern Minister position. The Minister Salary and Benefits amount is slightly lower due to lower cost of medical insurance.

To accomplish these changes, money was reallocated among budget categories based on current spending patterns. In some cases where a team or activity had a corresponding Other Fund, the budget process relied on the use of both the Operating Fund and Other Funds to pay for the total needs of the Team.

This is a tight budget with a small contingency. Greater communication between the Budget Committee and the Teams improved forecasting of costs and allowed the Committee to meet Budget goals.

Budget Committee members:  John Prohodsky, Carol Manka, Paul Manka, Susan Farris Gosser, Robin LaMonte and Lorna Youngs

Proposed UUCS 2017-18 Operating Budget

    Share the Plate $6,000 $6,000 45% of plate offering
     Non-Pledge Income $8,000 $8,000  
    Current Year Pledges and Grants $275,380 $275,335 99% of total pledges
    Prior Year Pledges $3,000 $3,000  
    Fundraising Income $3,000 $7,000 (Coffee, Pie Sale, auction.)
    Net Building Rental Income $5,000 $10,000 includes rent from daycare
    64% of Total Investment Income $3,500 $3,500 (36% deposited in Memorial &  Endowment Funds)
    Transfer from Childcare Fund   $860  
    TOTAL INCOME $303,880 $313,695  
     Minister Salary and Benefits $97,341 $96,571  
     Staff Salaries and Benefits $106,623 $113,625  
    Total Minister and Staff Expense $203,964 $210,196  
  Admin Exp        
    Includes copier, printing, bookkeeper, PNWD/UUA dues, etc.      
    Total Administrative Expense $46,915 $44,962  
   Teams Facilities $34,230 $36,555 (utilities, janitorial, landscape, systems tests & monitoring)
    Religious Exploration $3,400 $3,600  
    Fundraising $1,000 $1,500  (formerly Fellowship Team)
    Social Action $1,600 $1,400  
    Performing Arts $0 $0  
    Communications $3,177 $3,177  
    Sunday Services/Worship $5,600 $5,600  
    Music Team $625 $1,125  
    “Other” Budgeted Teams $2,389 $2,390  
    Total All Teams $52,021 $55,347  
Contingency   $980 $3,191  
     Total Budgeted Expense $303,880 $313,695  

A more detailed budget with a breakdown of these categories is available on request from the Treasurer, Lorna Youngs

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