Celebrate UUCS! February 26

On the fourth and final Sunday of February it’ll be time to celebrate!  We want EVERYONE to join us for our

Wonderful food!

CELEBRATION SUNDAY, February 26. Enjoy a Celebration Brunch after the first service, or a Celebration light lunch after the second service.  On this day, you’ll have an opportunity to turn in your pledge card indicating your financial support for the life and shared ministry of our beloved free faith community.  This promises to be a wonderful celebration!

This caps off our “Participate and Celebrate” guided inquiry talks and pledge campaign during the month of February. Starting on February 5, we gathered in small groups of 6-8 to practice deep sharing and deep listening prompted by three questions:

  • What do you love about UUCS?
  • How does UUCS make a difference in your life?
  • What breaks your heart about our community or our world, about which you think UUCS could make a difference?

These groups were facilitated to ensure that everyone had a chance to share from the heart and to share the time. We took notes of the insights that YOU brought so that a task force can discern how to direct our collective energy toward healing people and the world. 

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