$150,000 in Maintenance Needs Identified

Sketch of UUCS building
This year’s budget and the past several budgets have not added any money to the maintenance reserve fund, which needs $150,000 to address current maintenance needs in our 20 year old building. Can you help by increasing your pledge by just $5 to $50 per month?  If we average a $15.00 per month increase in individual member pledges, we would be able to move forward on many of these projects as they become necessary.   Please consider how you use this wonderful facility and how you hope it will be used by others now and in the future in making your contribution.

The Board has set a goal of finishing all identified maintenance in four years. The Board is asking for an additional $40,000 in pledges beyond what has already been pledged to allow the 2017-2018 budget and the following three budgets to include funds for needed maintenance. More information is available in the Fellowship Hall after each service.

How to make a pledge for the Maintenance Fund for 2017-18

Fill out a Pledge Card on paper (found in the lobby of the church) or online for the additional amount you wish to pledge.  Mark the pledge card “Apply to Maintenance Fund”.

Listed below are the maintenance projects included in the $150,000 estimate.  Please note that several of these projects have no estimates (yet), but should not be deferred or delayed for very long.  The list is not prioritized. 

Maintenance/Capital Improvements Needed In The Next 4 Years:

  • Maintain Hanneman Hall wood flooring: This long needed project has just been competed at a cost of approximately $8,500.00. Earlier estimates indicated a cost of $12,500.00.  Funds for maintaining the floor will require a “set aside” of approximately $1,000.00 per year going forward.  Please help preserve the condition of the floor by following use and cleaning directions.
  • Repair parking lot lighting: Several lamps are out of service. Current estimate for replacing all lamps with LED lamps is $6,000 with an Oregon Energy Trust incentive of $2,625 resulting in a net cost to UUCS of $3,375.
  • Fix roof leaks: There are active roof leaks in the sanctuary and one office.  Inspections and repair estimates for structural and sheetrock damage are in progress.  The roof of the original structure will not be under warranty at the end of December 2017. No estimates available at this time.
  • Fix existing water damage repairs: Existing water damage has been discovered in the left rear corner of the sanctuary and in the window wall of the library.  It is likely that this damage occurred over a relatively long period of time due to poor design and construction.  The extent of damage and repair costs are currently under investigation.  No estimates available at this time. It is possible that there are other areas at window walls and roof intersections have experienced similar damage.
  • Install LED lighting in Hanneman Hall with dimmers and entry/exit turn on turn off feature: Current estimate for this is $6,900 with an Oregon Energy Trust incentive of $2,250 resulting in a net cost to UUCS of $4,650.
  • Install new or upgraded control system for the HVAC equipment: Current estimates for this are from minor improvement at approx. $6,000 to $30,000 for a new system. This does not include air conditioning.  The Facilities Team is currently in discussions with HVAC companies to determine the most cost effective way to achieve the desired results for the control system.
  • Install air conditioning in the Sanctuary and Hanneman Hall: Estimates based on a comprehensive assessment of the heating and “projected” cooling systems are $47,800 for the Sanctuary and $22,400 for Hanneman Hall.  The Facilities Team is currently in discussions with HVAC companies to explore ways to bring these costs down, if possible.
  • Repair/replace septic system: Depending on the scope of work (repair/addition/replace) the cost estimates range from $5,000 to $23,000.  As UUCS continues to grow and eventually expand our facilities, this becomes a more important matter.
  • Replace existing carpet: Do not look too closely if you do not want to notice the wear and tear on the existing carpet.  Cost estimate for this is $22,000.
  • Install well-water treatment system: Estimate is approx. $4,000.  Our water has a high iron content.
  • Update UUCS signage: The existing signage has lost its “curb appeal” as well as its visibility.  No hard estimates are available at this time. 
  • Seal coat parking lot and re-apply striping: No estimates available at this time.
  • Additional Storage Shed: Kaleidoscope Pre-School is gradually taking over the existing storage shed.  A new shed to house RE materials and existing material & supplies (landscaping, paint, shovels, etc) will cost approximately $5,000 by current estimate.
  • Install shower: Should UUCS vote to become a Sanctuary Congregation, it may become necessary to provide adequate bathing facilities for our guest. No estimates available at this time.

The above noted maintenance/repair/improvement items represent a total cost approaching $150,000.  The list does not include unanticipated problems or needs.  It should be noted that very few, if any, of these can be efficiently or effectively done by volunteers.  Many recent projects (ADA sidewalks and ramps, painting the exterior and installing drip caps over windows, new audio/visual system, new fire alarm system, and Hanneman Hall floor refinishing) have been paid for via “angels” or grants of some type.  It is unrealistic to assume that future projects such as noted above can be paid for in this manner.