Covenant Group Offerings For 2017-18

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Covenant Groups Small Group Ministry logoYou’re invited to join a covenant group for the 2017-18 year, beginning this fall. Whether you’re a long-time member with lots of connections, a newcomer beginning to make those connections, someone returning after an absence and looking to reconnect, or anywhere else in between, you will enjoy this connection. Covenant groups are an opportunity to meet regularly with a small group of other UUCS folks to discuss a specific topic in a facilitated meeting. Participants get to share their thoughts, hear the thoughts of others, and come to know each other in a deep way. Read more about it on the Covenant Group page.

For the 2017-18 year we’re looking at three models for covenant groups:

  • First, our usual Soul Matters groups, which meet once a month all year long. Soul Matters groups have a packet of materials for each meeting which includes readings, activities, links to videos, and even book suggestions. You can dive into all the ideas or just pick one or two, whatever suits your style.  Sign up in the fellowship hall on Sundays.
  • Second, as part of Intern Minister Monica’s plan for next year, we’ll have two opportunities to join covenant groups centered around racial justice. Racial justice covenant groups will meet once a week for about eight weeks; one session will be offered in the fall, and one session in the spring. Look for sign-up opportunities in the fellowship hall.
  • Third, we’re looking at a way to offer drop-in groups that meet for one to three sessions. Even if your schedule is packed, we want to find a way for you to have some conversation and make or deepen your connections. Watch for more information on these drop in groups.

Sign Up!

We hope you’ll join in on one or more of these opportunities in the next year. Sign up  in the fellowship hall on Sundays, or use the online form, or email the UUCS office at for more information.