UUCS to Provide Temporary Shelter to Families in Emergency

Sanctuary logo horiz white 2018-01-10On March 8, 2018, the Board met with representatives from the Sanctuary Team to discuss processes for granting sanctuary to immigrant neighbors in danger of deportation.

Reverend Rick and our immigrant rights partners (CAUSA, IMIrJ, WVRRC) met with the immigrant workers (and their families) who are employed at the Kendall Florist Nursery in Canby, Oregon.

The immigrant community and the immigrant rights organizations are concerned about increased activity by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in their area. Family members of targeted undocumented immigrant neighbors may be unable to return to their homes immediately following ICE activity and may need temporary shelter. The Sanctuary Team suggested that UUCS expand the sanctuary policy to include temporary shelter for documented immigrant neighbors who are family members of detained, undocumented immigrant people.

   The Board voted unanimously that UUCS would provide temporary shelter to families in emergency. The families would be referred to UUCS by one of our sanctuary partners.

The Board appreciates the excellent work and dedication of the Sanctuary Team.