Habitat and Hope Village

The Habitat and Hope Transitional Village committee is a group of UUs and committed people from the Salem community dedicated to creating a transitional village in the Salem/Keizer area. It has been designated an Affiliated Ministry of UUCS. Rev. Rick Davis and Bob Francis, Chair of the Committee, were in the pulpit on Sunday, December 23 to talk about this project, and the possibility of locating it on UUCS property.

What is a transitional village? This transitional village will house 20 individuals (male and female) with the purpose of helping them move from homelessness to a more stable life. Working in coordination with ARCHES (who will be responsible for the screening and case work), Habitat and Hope will provide a safe space for the residents. 

What will it look like? The village will have 10 duplexes consisting of 64 square feet per room. Each room will have a bed, a small desk shelf, shelves for clothing and personal items, electricity and heating. A central facility will house the administrative office, kitchen, laundry, showers and restrooms. The space required for the village will be ½ acre.

What are we asking of the church for the project?
• To lease us the ½ acre of land in order for us to build the transitional village.
• To provide individual financial support of the project.
• To become volunteers in assisting in the building, maintenance and running of the facility.

When will this happen? We are in the early stages of our project but are hopeful to complete the project in the next two years.

Where will it be built? Our plan is to build it across the street from the church on the corner of Center Street and Cordon road, where the current parking lot is located. The overflow parking would move to the east end of that lot. The permitting process and zoning issues are just beginning to be addressed. We hope that by educating ourselves and the congregation, that the congregation will approve the lease of the land to us at the annual congregational meeting in May.

Why the need for a transitional village? Currently, over three thousand fellow citizens are homeless in our Salem/Keizer area. To date, no transitional village exists, which makes it all but impossible for these people to move from homelessness to a more stable life. This village is an essential link toward making this goal possible.

If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact Rev. Rick Davis, Bob and Cindy Francis.