Committee on Human Resources (CHR)

Submitted by Lynn Cardiff

This past year CHR worked in two main areas – records and hiring.

Putting our records in order – We reviewed and updated the employee files and forms.  We wrote position descriptions for the congregational administrator, LRE director and the music director.  We also made sure the I 9 forms were accurate and available for inspection if necessary.  These are the records ICE would want to see to make sure our employees are here legally and not aliens from another planet.

Hiring – During this year we hired several employees: music director, congregational administrator and an LRE director.  Extensive procedures were followed during these hirings.  CHR wishes to thank Craig Rowland for all the time and energy he put into hiring quality people.

Communications Team

Submitted by Vicki Cunningham

  • Continued to provide monthly newsletters, weekly This Week emails, Yahoo groups monitoring, updated website pages and posts, and Facebook Posts, as well as publicity, during the beginning of the year. Publicity projects:
    • A brochure for Art Works.
    • Purchase of colorful bookmarks as “take-aways” for Social Justice, Salem Progressive Film Series, and the foyer.
    • Banner for Animal Blessing Sunday
    • Creating a schedule of slides for the Salem Progressive film Series and CCTV
    • Filming a CCTV “infomercial” on UUCS in February 2020,
    • Zimmerman Concert publicity
  • Identified Communications’ roles in the Strategic Plan. We presented our report on this to the Board in February.
  • Updated our Policy Governing Content on All UUCS Media, and created a Website Privacy Policy, both approved by the board.
  • Helped with creating the online service and posting it on the website and Facebook.
  • Solved, with help from an outside consultant, most of the small issues caused by a forced update of the website. Most congregants did not notice the interruption.
  • Created/installed a banner “We’re Online” for our property.

Connections Team

Submitted by Sara Pickett

The newly formed Connections Team’s purpose is to provide opportunities for connections and relations within the congregational community through coordination and facilitation of Soul Matter Connections Groups, assist Rev. Rick in organizing and facilitating Journey to Belonging sessions, and act as a clearinghouse for social activities that congregational members would like to facilitate that promote connections and a sense of belonging. Our mission statement: Creating opportunities for connections and spiritual growth.

Facilities Team

Submitted by Lynn Cardiff


This team is continuing to catalog and research art owned by UUCS.  Team members also planned a 2nd Annual Art Show, which was cancelled for the spring due to the pandemic.


The annual Sparkle and Clean Sunday was held the first Sunday in September with members and friends, including children, helping to clean places in Hanneman Hall, the kitchen, sanctuary, and the foyer not cleaned on a regular schedule.


The team continues to take care of the various maintenance needs of UUCS. These include:

  • Routine testing and maintenance of water and septic.
  • Performing minor repairs on equipment and structure.
  • Replacing lighting in RE with LED bulbs.
  • Repairing and replacing sanctuary lighting.
  • Troubleshooting furnace issues and repairs.
  • Rekeying some office doors.
  • Installing a chain gate and signage on north parking lot property.
  • Cleaning moss from the main parking lot.


The Facilities Team is also working on major projects, looking for funding and professionals to do the work.  These include repair and resurfacing of the main parking lot, replacing the floors in the kitchen and Hanneman Hall restrooms,  replacing bulbs in parking lot lights with LED bulbs and working with Women’s Alliance on replacing the stoves in the main kitchen.


This year the landscape team held monthly work parties to maintain and upgrade the grounds around the UUCS building.  In addition, this year the team planned and executed the remodeling of the front entrance area with a wonderful outcome.  This area now has a path, benches, new plants and signage.

Partner Church Committee (under Social Justice Team)

Submitted by Sara Pickett

Early in 2019-20, six UUCS members made a pilgrimage to our partner church village of Simenfalva, Transylvania, Romania.  Joel Martin stayed a few days longer in the village and taught some English classes.  Upon coming back to Salem, the recent travelers plus former travelers to Simenfalva joined Jean Sherbeck in the Partner Church Committee, creating a stronger base to promote connections between UUCS and the Unitarian Church in Simenfalva.  UUCS members supported the Simenfalva church through monetary donations as well as sending items such as vitamins and pencils during this past year.  The main donation need is money for building restoration needs.  Such donations plus the goal of bringing Rev. Sandor and his wife and son over in August of 2021, will be the focus for the upcoming months.  

Safer Congregations Committee

Submitted by Stephanie Jernstedt

The committee developed a Restorative Communications or mediation program for our congregation which was approved at the July board meeting. This is a voluntary service to provide a confidential process to mediate the restoration of healthy, meaningful, and respectful communications within our congregation when conflicts arise. It may be used for any dispute or disagreement affecting congregational life of members, friends, ministers, staff, UUCS affiliated groups, or others.

Our goal for the coming year is to send two members to a mediation training sponsored by Neighbor to Neighbor when it is offered again. We would also like to offer training on conflict resolution to our congregation.

Committee members include Stephanie Jernstedt, Christine Ertl, Gil Nicholson-Nelson, Rick Davis, Christie Olson, Cheryl Randall and Ginny Merriman. We wear blue ribbons on our name tags so we can more easily be identified.


Music Team

Submitted by Janet Stevens

Members: Janet Stevens – chair, Anne Moore, Guy Hallman, Lisa Marcus, Tom Ellis, Joel Martin, Bob Muir, Jon Chinburg.

Staff: Laura Christian, Music Director; Kit Abrahamson, Pianist

Meetings: Third Thursdays at 5 pm. The team met monthly for the first 9 months of the fiscal year but have moved to every other month since the closing of the church to in person meetings/events.


  • Accepted donation from the estate of Cathy Alcott for the sum of $44,000. Much discussion was held regarding it’s use but no decisions made
  • Reviewed sheet music currently used/in possession of UUCS. It was agreed that funds available from this year’s budget would be used to make sure that we had sufficient legally purchased copies of songs sung by the choir. Approximately $600 was spent in this effort.
  • The team sponsored a Roy Zimmerman concert last fall. We were working on bringing music events to UUCS, including Roy Zimmerman, when the pandemic stopped all events. Concerts are put on hold but still of interest to the group.
  • The team discussed care of the pianos and the quality of the pianos. There are various opinions of the life left in our current sanctuary piano, however, it is noted that it will need to be refurbished or replaced eventually and that it should be carefully cared for in the meantime.
  • It was decided that the special music offerings in a “regular” service would be reduced from 3 to 2, unless the performer chose to do more.
  • Due to the pandemic, choir is on hold until further notice. Laura and Kit are providing music for the online services and maintaining all safety protocols when performing.

Women’s Alliance

Submitted by Lynn Cardiff

Women’s Alliance met monthly for six meetings this year before UUCS was closed by the pandemic.  During that time, four programs were presented by members or attendees at UUCS: History of north Marion County, Willamette Heritage Center (Mission Mill), Life after retirement and Easy exercise for a mature audience.

We were involved in several activities again this year.  In November we made Christmas tree ornaments for the children, to be handed out at the Christmas service.  In December we had our annual bazaar, which netted a couple thousand dollars to use on projects, supplies, etc. for UUCS. On New Year’s Eve weekend Sunday we helped serve and clean up for the breakfast service.  We also planned a fundraiser to replace the ovens/stoves in the main kitchen.  That activity had been put on hold because of the virus.

Future projects will include working with the Facilities Team on the kitchen floor and the stove replacement.

Worship Team

Submitted by Sara Pickett

  • Worked with the minister in creating and delivering 52 Worship Services, and also special services such as Christmas Eve and Winter Solstice.
  • Collaborated as appropriate with other teams to facilitate Worship Services.
  • Maintained supplies, including candles, for Worship Services.
  • Reviewed UUCS Strategic Plan and determined methods that the team would assist in this process.
  • Reviewed and adapted job descriptions for WTC, Celebrant, Anchor, and AV based on Human Resources criteria.
  • Recruited, trained and mentored new team members, Celebrants, Anchors and PowerPoint person.
  • Developed Lifespan Religious Education Representative position to facilitate communication between teams.
  • Continuously adapted methods of delivering weekly Sunday Services during pandemic. This includes team members learning new technology and skills, and development with other teams/members of the congregation to create a Production Team to increase efficiency and effective communication and delivery of on-line services.
  • Identified and accepted assistance from different UUCS members who are familiar with recording technology. Possibility of new focus on this aspect. 
  • Accepted UUCS Board’s offer to take over the next step planning for the Sanctuary Layout (fund raising, updating plans as needed, etc.) to allow team to focus on delivery of services. Remain a consultant with board as needed. 

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