Estimate of Giving Forms Due by March 11

It’s the time of year when we ask that you fill out your Estimate of Giving form. You may ask, “Why should I?” In the end, each of us must find our own answer. However, here are some thoughts that may help. Let’s begin by considering three ways that pledging benefits us personally.

  • First, pledging is a recommitment to our UUCS community. We are saying once again that we belong to it and it belongs to us. These are my people—not only my friends, but those who share my values, my hopes for the world and my work to make it better.
  • Pledging also is a reaffirmation of trust—our trust that UUCS will be there tomorrow, providing community and serving the values we share.
  • Third, pledging helps us clarify our priorities and our loyalties. It identifies where we intend to invest some of our time, talent and money in the coming year.

It is true that UUCS needs our resources in order to thrive. It is also true that it needs our Estimate of Giving forms in order to plan. But pledging also benefits us personally by clarifying who we are and what we value.