Welcome Jo to the UUCS Office

Welcome the newest member of UUCS Staff, Jordynn Sweeney or as they like to be called around the office “Jo”. Jo’s preferred pronouns are “they” or “them.” As UU’ers dedicated to social justice and honoring an individual worth and dignit,y that shouldn’t be a problem for us getting accustomed to using correct pronouns.

Jo is a member of Confluence LGBT Choir. Their strong history with tutoring students at Chemeketa Community College and computer skills made them one of the top choices of the hiring committee.

Jo was hired to help out Sam in the office but now that Sam has left us, Jo will be helping us transition to a new Office Admininistrator position, though at this point the board hasn’t made a decision about what type of position we will be hiring for to replace Sam’s position. Many things that Sam did for UUCS are just not going to get done or will be done by office volunteers so please be patient with us as we transition.