Congregational Conversations Continue November 3

After the service on Sunday, November 3, there will be a discussion in the sanctuary about one of the chapters in The Gadfly Papers, “I Want a Divorce.” Anyone interested, members, guests, or visitors are invited to attend and participate or just listen. 

This is a continuation of conversations on three prior Sundays. Participants at the October 13 session expressed interest in continuing to talk about issues raised by The Gadfly Papers as well as other topics concerning our congregation and the Unitarian Universalist movement. Additionally, it was suggested that we continue to talk, on the first Sunday each month, following the Sunday service.

Topics for future months will be determined later but, based on ideas brought forth on October 13, could include connecting with marginalized people—i.e., of color, Hispanic, Asian, LGBTQ.  –

-Submitted by the Committee on Ministry