Novel Coronavirus Information

Sources of good information about the virus and appropriate response:

Center for Disease Control Center for Disease Control

Symptoms from CDC

CDC now recommends wearing a cloth mask

CDC How to talk to children about the virus

World Health Organization – Global information about the disease:

World Health Mythbusters – Myths and Response

Oregon Health Authority

Interesting and practical article on caring for someone who is sick with COVID-19:

State of Oregon rules/closings/recommendations

Applying for Oregon Health Plan Insurance

Marion-Polk Fook Share – getting emergency food:

City of Salem Response to COVID-19

City of Salem Emergency numbers:

For Adults:A video from a frontline Cornell doctor. Real information is power, and this guy is exceedingly clear and doesn’t make it too complicated.. He’s a respiratory and critical care doctor at Weill Cornell Medical Center in NYC, which is now almost totally devoted to COVID-19 patients.

How to Make a Face Mask

How to make a simple, pleated face mask from the New York Times;