Join Q&A With Rev. Rick and Dr. Beaton March 29, 2020 at noon

Even though the service was pre-recorded, UUCS will hold a live Question and Answer session on the sermon topic, “The Economics of Hope”. You can join the session using your computer or your phone. There will be no video for participants, only for Rick and Russ Beaton. The first 100 people will be able to join the meeting.

To join on the phone:

  • Dial one of these numbers:
  • Enter the meeting ID: 367 608 317, followed by #
  • Enter the passcode: 018745, followed by #
  • When prompted for your participant ID, enter #

If you join on the phone and you want to ask a question, enter star 9 (*9). The host will unmute your mic when it is your turn. When you are not muted, be considerate of other participants and do not make noise such as chewing or having music on in the room.

To join using a tablet, smartphone or computer:

When you join on a device or computer, there may be some additional dialogs that pop up asking you to open the invitation or show the meeting. What you see depends on whether you have ever attended a Zoom meeting before on that device. If you need help, send an email to

If you join on the computer or tablet and you want to ask a question, type your question in the chat window by clicking button labeled “Chat”. Zoom Chat Button
Then, click the little triangle to see the list of participants, and select “UU CS (Host)”. The co-hosts will take the questions in the order received.

What to Expect

When you enter the meeting, your microphone will be off so no one in the meeting can hear you or your background noise. The co-hosts will take the questions in order and tell participants when it is their turn to ask a question.

If you have more than one participant in the room, DO NOT USE YOUR SPEAKERPHONE. That will cause echoes and possibly a feedback screech in the ears of all other participants.