Behind the Chalice – Thank You Volunteers!

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Since March, members of the Worship Team, Music Team, Communications Team, Office Staff and LRE among others have worked together to continue to deliver weekly spiritual services. The experience has strengthened each of our personal spiritual journeys as well as taught us some new technology and the importance of collaboration.

Thanks to Those Who Helped with Recorded Services

In case you didn’t realize who all has been helping these past few months, please give a round of applause in your home to:

Rev. Rick and all the guest speakers he found,

John Prohodsky for helping that first recording day,

Paul Parmley for helping with sound recording of music,

Janet Stevens for weekly recording the music, being Celebrant and guest speaker,

Laura Christian and Kit Abrahamson for weekly performing our hymns,

Jon Chinburg and Barbara Stebbins-Boaz and someone else who I am afraid I do not know, for sending in their special music selections,

Doc Hadley for weekly creating slides,

Ben Cavaletto and Cherie Ulmer for ASL interpretation and editing of closed captioning,

Ben Cavaletto and Lily Walker – DLRE creating the CFS,

Sharon Pierson and Gil Nicholson-Nelson for doing the zoom recordings,

Emma and Jo in the office taking on the final editing and production of the recordings,

Gloria Holland and Lennie Martin being celebrants, and

Brenna Norval and Barbara Stebbins-Boaz for jumping into the celebrant role while being recorded.

And, out of our community, Jon Chinburg has stepped up to help us in our next phase of delivering Sunday services.

I apologize if I have missed anyone, however I just wanted you to know who was involved. It truly takes a community to create and present the Sunday services.              — Sara Pickett, Worship Team Chair