Legacy Campaign Ends November 22

The object of this campaign is to give us an opportunity to pay forward the benefits bequeathed to us by the builders of this church and congregation. We can build the UUCS endowment as well as our maintenance reserve and emergency reserve. Some members are making cash gifts now. Others are making provision for end-of-life gifts, often from retirement accounts. All these help ensure a more secure future for our congregation.

Before this campaign began, we knew of four members who had made end-of-life commitments.  During this campaign we have learned of six more commitments that had already been made; the total of those (ten) commitments is $885,000; of course, when it is time to receive those gifts, the amounts may be more, or less.

During this campaign, eleven members have already stepped forward. Cash and securities gifts total $98,000, not all of which is to be paid this year. In addition, five members have made end-of-life provisions, with a current value of $68,000. Again, these will help UUCS in the future.

More members are still considering how they can participate. I am grateful, because the $166,000 committed to date is far from our goal of $1,000,000. I encourage everybody to decide on their commitments by November 22, when this campaign closes, and tell me.

The incentive to do it now is a challenge pledge: when the total of commitments – both current and end-of-life gifts – reaches $450,000, our anonymous donor will supply another $50,000.  And if we can get to $950,000, they will add yet another $50,000. I hope we won’t have to leave those gifts lying on the table unfulfilled!

A number of members have expressed support for this campaign – as something for other people to do!  “Oh, were you talking to me?” Yes, I am. Nearly every one of us could designate some portion of I-can’t-take-it-with-me to UUCS!

If you would like to confer with one of us in considering your plans, call me at 503-364-3929 – or any other member of our Committee, listed on the back of our booklet. And if you have not received the booklet, please tell me, and I will supply you!

Please study our Legacy Booklet to read more about how you can participate. Then tell us your plans, using our Legacy Record form or just email George Struble the information, so that (1) when the time comes, we will know your wishes for use of the money, and (2) to qualify for the incentive pledge.

Members of the Legacy Campaign Committee are very willing to help you think through the possibilities for your participation. Contact George Struble, whose phone number and email address are on the last page of our booklet.