Jars and Lights Needed for Christmas Lantern Walk

This year UUCS will hold a Lantern Walk at the church from 4:30 – 5:30 pm on Christmas Eve. Masks are required due to COVID. More information on this event will be shared in the December Newsletter. Please stay tuned.

White Christmas lights will be used to line the path of the Lantern Walk and candle lanterns will be held by those of us who wish to participate in the walk. For the Lantern Walk to work well, everyone will need to hold actual candles, not flashlights. Thus, Mason or other suitable jars will be needed to hold the candles and protect them from wind. Extra jars and candles will be needed for those who do not bring them to the Lantern Walk.

Therefore, the Worship Team is asking for donations of clear white Christmas lights and donations of Mason and other jars large enough to hold a votive candle. There is a Christmas Eve collection box at the front entrance of the building where you may leave your donations. Please email Lily Walker at dlre@uusalem.org, with any questions.

Thank you!
Lily Walker, Director of LRE