Updates – December 9

Well, things are puttering along back here behind the Chalice. Those bits of the service where the sound suddenly goes out is as frustrating for us as it is you. We are working on seeing if there is a solution.

Some of us practiced using radios, or sophisticated walkie talkies, so that the tech folks can quietly talk to one another while doing the live stream. If you are interested in being a substitute camera person or have experience with live streaming and would like to help out once in a while contact Loriann Schmidt at productionteam@uusalem.org

December 17 is when Beethoven was baptized 250 years ago, you know. I wonder if Rev. Rick remembers that? Maybe you should send him an email to remind him.

The Christmas Eve Service is shaping up. This will be the first time the service will be live-streamed and it is at night! This makes it exciting for the cameras and having enough light to show what is going on! Be prepared to sing along to familiar carols and you might have a candle handy to light during Peace Peace/Silent Night. Don’t forget we always hum at the end. Live-streaming begins at 7:00pm. If you are feeling up to it, it would be fun to see you in your holiday themed mask at the lantern walk at 4:30 at UUCS. Bring an ornament to exchange if you come.

I think that’s about it for now. As always, yours in service – Behind the Chalice