January: Comment During the Live Stream, Fellowship, Prayer Flags

In the bleak January winter days, UUCS Sunday Services continue to be produced and hopefully something within the service speaks to your soul, your inner light, because we need to push that light forward so that the days will continue to lengthen and we will see the sun more than 1-2x/week! January 24th during the service was kind of exciting because two people made comments directly linked to what was going on in the service and those comments were able to be acknowledged later on in the service. A more direct connection had been made! We, Behind the Chalice, would love more connections like that, so please feel to comment while you are watching the live stream. In fact, we are hoping to be able to come to you soon via Facebook streaming as well as Youtube, so commenting may be even easier.

Another connection that is going well is the Zoom Fellowship Gathering, happening weekly at noon, after the service. Those who gather weekly comment on how much they enjoy this opportunity to catch up with one another and feel they actually get to see more people than during the in-person Fellowship experiences where frequently you just focus on 1-2 people. Obviously both experiences are beneficial, but it is nice to have this option while we continue to wait to meet in-person.

One topic that was discussed at a recent Zoom Fellowship Gathering was the making of Prayer Flags. This is something you can still do through February 6th by emailing Lily at dlre@uusalem.org to set up an appointment to come into the building to make one, and or have one mailed to you to do. There are lots of templates to put on and color, or just write a few words as your hopes for this year. In fact, the Production Team made a nice little video of the ones made so far. Check out this link to see it.

I am sure there is more to tell you, but you will just have to wait until next time. Until then, we remain yours in service – Behind the Chalice