February-March 2021 – One Year of Streaming Services, Ice Storm

Well, here we are, starting the month of March, and with it the one year anniversary that we started recording Sunday Services. (BTW- the traditional 1st – anniversary gift is paper). You should have seen us, behind the chalice, a year ago, we didn’t know what we were doing, but we kept moving forward and learned along the way! Not only learned about technology and different methods of recording, but collected others along the way who were reaching out to help, until we have now what we call our Sunday Services Cast and Crew. And you know what? It is still growing and evolving as more people bring their talents, time and tenacity. A very exciting time. (BTW – the modern 1st -anniversary gift is a clock)

The weekend that encompassed Lincoln’s Birthday, Lunar New Years, Valentine’s Day, Oregon’s Birthday and President’s Day was certainly an exciting time, wasn’t it ?! I hope you all are recovering better than the poor Cherry Trees at the State Capitol. And for the first time since we started this whole social distancing pandemic, we had to cancel presenting a service, not even at a later date within the week as we have had to do before. So, Covid didn’t stop us, learning 3 different methods of presenting services didn’t stop us, needing to obtain the correct equipment didn’t stop us, learning new skills didn’t stop us, even side effects of vaccines didn’t stop us. What stopped us? Some epic ice that downed trees, blocked roads, electricity out, and for some internet service. Apparently we are more 21st Century than we may want to admit. But never fear, Rev. Rick presented his 2/14 sermon on the 2/28 and will move others forward along the way, so we will at least hear what he has to say. In the meantime, thanks for hanging in here with us, happy anniversary, and paper clocks are welcomed. We remain yours in service – From Behind the Chalice