Volunteer for Habitat and Hope Village

“Thank you” to all who attended, discussed and voted during the February 7, 2021 Congregational meeting. The Habitat and Hope Village, Inc. resolution was amended and passed. The result is that a land use agreement will be negotiated between the UUCS Board of Trustees and HHV for the purpose of allowing HHV to use part of UUCS land to construct a transitional housing facility for persons at risk of homelessness. The agreement will be presented for congregational approval during the 2021 UUCS Annual Meeting.

In anticipation of another positive outcome, HHV has set up committees to manage fundraising, construction, program operation, organizational administration, and public relations. Active volunteer positions are being defined for each of the committees and we will share information as the process unfolds. You can email us at habitatandhopevillage@gmail
Submitted by Paul Wilson