Social Justice Meeting May 13 @ 7 pm

On May 13 beginning at 7 pm via Zoom, the social justice meeting will view and discuss the Simon Sinek video, “Life Advice Will Change Your Future“. Simon Sinek, the author of Start with Why and The Infinite Game, has books in several Amazon top 10 and top 10 categories. He shows the importance of looking out for each other and how doing good inspires others to do good.

How we live our life can contribute to eliminating social injustices. Our individual and collective interactions have a profound influence on the wellbeing of others. Although we can decide to focus on eliminating specific injustices, we can address the conditions that create injustices by how we interact with others. The example we set can influence others to act in a way that works to eliminate social injustice.

Join the SJT team for a Zoom meeting on May 13, beginning at 7 pm. Click here to join.