Preparing for Reopening for In-Person Services May 23, 2021

So one morning, the Cast and Crew of Behind The Chalice, woke up at the camp at the base of Mt. Jefferson, and they saw the snow was melting, the air felt warmer and before them they saw a path, a road if you will heading West. They took that road and as they traveled they started to see a light on the horizon. The closer they came they saw it was a candle, in what looked like a Chalice, and all around the light were brilliant colors of red, blue, yellow, green, purple. They were so intrigued they keep moving towards that light, though they were getting weary of their journey, until they came upon this beautiful wooden building, set in the woods at the edge of what looked like a town. They stopped and went inside, and there before them was the glowing light they had been following with all the colors surrounding it, and they realized it was a window, a stained glass window in this beautiful sanctuary of a building. They put down their things and sat down and all at once they realized they were home. This was home and they had made it. And, they smiled, and laughed and cried, and felt renewed for they were home once more.

In other words, UUCS is opening to in-person services and we are so excited! Live Streaming will still be available but so will in-person! There are benefits to both and we are so grateful we are able to provide both! See you soon! -Behind the Chalice.