Building Closed – Return to Live-Streamed Services after September 5

After September 5, services will be streamed only. Fellowship via Zoom will begin at noon. LRE activities will be announced after Lily returns from vacation on September 5.

The Reopening Team continues to review numbers and meet weekly to discuss. We all wish to return and congregate together again, but our duties to the safety of the community and one another must take priority in these times. The Reopening Team consists of staff and church members representing a broad range of viewpoints and activities.

The team determined that the building will be closed to groups, meetings and indoor services until OHA numbers indicate a 7 day average of less than 200 COVID-19 cases per 100K in Marion County AND less than 50 hospitalized in Region 2. Both of these statistics are in line with rates before we closed again, and with the guidelines that were in place prior to June 30.

OHA Tracking Charts

The seven day average can be found here.

Hospitalizations per Region can be found here (we are in region 2).