Sunday, June 13 at 2 pm via Zoom.

At the annual meeting, these were the major happenings. (Official meeting minutes here)

  • The Treasurer affirmed that a quorum was in attendance.
  • The slate of Board Officers and Directors and Nominating Committee candidates were approved.
  • The budget recommended by the Board was approved as presented.
  • The land lease agreement between UUCS and Habitat and Hope Village was not yet available. The Congregation voted for a continuance. The board will present the agreement for review and approval by the congregation at a later date.

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Board Officers and Directors

Other than the Treasurer, board officers are elected to one-year terms. Directors are elected to serve two-year terms unless elected to complete one year of a vacant Director seat. Returning members do not require a vote.

2021 Nominees:

Returning Board members:

Retiring from Board

  • Jack Tally, Director Seat #5

Nominating Committee Candidates 2021

The Nominating Committed presented the following candidate for the Nominating Committee:

Returning Nominating Committee members: Barbara Stebbins-Boaz (1 year remaining)

Retiring from the Nominating Committee: Steve Rosen

2021-22 Budget

The budget for fiscal year 2021-22 shows deep cuts that were necessary due to our declining income.  Each year for the last 5 years, total income has declined, yet our expenses have grown. Review the 2021– Budget Summary.

Land Lease Agreement

At the special congregational meeting on February 8, the congregation voted to allow the board to enter into negotiations with Habitat and Hope Village (HHV) for creating a land use agreement. The lease will allow HHV to use part of the land across Center street to build a house that HHV will use to run a program that provides temporary housing for up to 5 women. The resolution included a stipulation requiring the board to present the lease at the annual congregational meeting.

Since February, a team representing UUCS has been working with a land use attorney to produce a land lease agreement. There is no problem, but this has required more time than expected as the attorney is busy and there have been long pauses waiting for documents.  The agreement will not be ready for this meeting. Rather than delay the annual meeting beyond the end of this fiscal year, the board will present a resolution asking for a continuance. A special congregational meeting will be scheduled when the lease is ready for a vote. 

Team Reports