Sharon Pierson

Sharon Pierson

I joined UUCS in 2015 and retired shortly thereafter. I’ve been working on the Communications team since then, helping with the conversion to our existing website. Eventually, I took over as webmaster. I’ve also helped with several events and projects at UUCS. … read more.

Sara Shatto

I have been a UUCS member since 2017. I served on the Long Term Planning Committee until our task was completed. I served on the Social Justice Committee until I committed to serve on the Long Term Planning Committee. I realized that the Long Term … read more.

Ben Cavaletto

I have been a member at UUCS since 2015. I have two kids registered in the LRE Program and I have served as the LRE Team Chair since the fall of 2019. I do this work because my highest service priority is helping UUCS to … read more.

Anna Tally

Membership Team Member, Connections Team Co-chair

Lynn Cardiff

Current Roles:

Board Member
Lifelines Lay Minister
RE Team Volunteer
Membership Team Member
Women’s Alliance co-Chair

I have been a member of UUCS for almost 48 years. I was on the board for a few years in the 1980’s. After that I focused on singing in the choir and … read more.

Lorna Youngs

Chair, Lifelines Lay Ministry