Sacred Harmony
April 6-8, 2018

Join fellow UUCS women for a weekend of playing, talking, crafting, sleeping, knitting, eating, walking, dreaming and embracing the blessings that keep us all afloat. This year’s theme is Sacred Harmony. Come and share in this renewal of body, mind, and spirit.


Oregon 4-H Center
4390 4­H Road NW
Salem, Oregon 97304
Phone: 503-371­-7920
Website: www.oregon4hcenter.org


$130 for two nights lodging, double occupancy, or
$145 for two nights lodging, single occupancy, or
$60 for Saturday-only
All snacks, meals, and program activities are included.
Scholarships available.


UUCS women (members or friends of the congregation) over 18 years.


The weekend will include optional organized activities to help us make new friends and discover what Sacred Harmony means to you. There is also unstructured time to relax with arts and crafts, puzzles, enjoying nature, boating or catching up on sleep. Sunday morning, we will have a worship service to bring closure to the weekend retreat.


  • Clothes and shoes suitable for lounging and enjoying the outdoors
  • Toiletries and other personal necessities including towels
  • Bedding: sleeping bag or sheets/blankets for twin bunk beds
  • Reading light for your room
  • Snacks to share
  • Water bottle for hydration
  • Games, musical instruments, books
  • Anything else you want to do alone or share with the group: arts and crafts, scrapbook materials, knitting items, puzzles, board games, etc.


Contact the retreat organizers at retreat@uusalem.org.

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