Tiad’s Success Story

Tiad's success with the microfinance project

Tiad's success with the microfinance projectTiad lives in the tiniest, poorest house of all those we interviewed. She and her husband Kong weave baskets. Tiad and her husband married 4 years ago after serious financial difficulties where he lost his land and incurred major debt. They left their original village to start from scratch in Phonesong. When they arrived, they had no land, no place to stay, no kitchenware, nothing. Kong worked as a laborer for others while both wove baskets, joining the microlending group (supported by the microfinance project) when it was formed.

Fortunately, their situation has improved. The loan was paid off last year, and they have saved a little. They have a small house, a basic village kitchen, a fan, and a lively three year old boy. They grow vegetables and gather wild foods. Life is better now and Tiad dreams of a future with enough food to eat every day.