Recent Social Justice Action at UUCS

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Our Social Justice team is active! Here are a few recent activities. Make sure to watch the calendar for upcoming events!

  • Participated in the 2015 Capitol Pride festival, in part, to celebrate the recent Supreme Court decision ruling that same sex couples have a right to marry.
  • Hosted Roy Zimmerman, a progressive singer and song writer for the past two years. He is also booked for Feb 13th, 2016 — look for details as this date approaches! Our Music Program sponsored a concert called ‘Songs of Civil Disobedience and Hope’ which celebrated the inspirational, educational and motivational aspects of music on social justice efforts. The concert will return in 2016.
  • Continued to support sustainability, recycling, reusing and eliminating waste.
  • Joined with Oregonians for Peace in celebrating 34 Days of Peace, a series of daily presentations and events intended to educate and inspire our community to choose peace.
  • Continued our service to the community’s homeless by partnering with the Salem Interfaith Hospitality Network.