Board Meeting Minutes – April, 2016

UUCS Board Meeting

Minutes of meeting April 14,, 2016

Board Members:

Position Name Term end date Present
Chair LJ Frederickson June 30, 2016 Yes
Vice-Chair Jeff Geissler June 30, 2016 Yes
Secretary Paul Parmley June 30, 2016 Yes
Treasurer Lorna Youngs June 30, 2017 Yes
Director John Prohodsky June 30, 2016 No
Director David Jeffers June 30, 2016 Yes
Director Petra Berger June 30, 2016 Yes
Director Stephanie Jernstedt June 30, 2017 Yes
Director Elenie Smith June 30, 2017 No
Director (open) June 30, 2017 N/A
Past Chair Barry Halgrimson June 30, 2016 Yes



Position Name Present
Minister Rick Davis No


Visitors: Benjahmin Boschee, Lynn Cardiff, Samantha Scales


The meeting was called to order by LJ Frederickson at 6:12 p.m.


LJ did a brief reading. “The world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you.”


LJ asked if the board all approved the March 11, 2016 board meeting minutes. Everyone
agreed and the minutes were approved.


LJ asked if everyone received the Minister’s Report and the DRE Report. There was a brief
discussion about if the Minister’s Report was in a new format or only highlights as it was only
four lines long. Rick D. was not able to attend the board meeting, so he was not there to


Jeff G. distributed a hard copy of the monthly team reports to the board.


LJ attended the COM meeting this month. In general, the COM team helps the Minister with
communications as it relates to the covenant of good relations. The team also helps to measure
the pulse of the congregation’s spiritual well-being. Susan Gosser is working on doing more with
the team.


Petra, John, and LJ attended a Healthy Congregations workshop. It was good and related
directly to COM and good relations.


Stephanie and LJ went to Eugene to hear Jim Keys. He discussed board and leadership and LJ
is trying to get him to come here and do a presentation to UUCS and possibly other local UU


Petra asked when she should officially start as Volunteer Coordinator. There was board
consensus that Petra can begin her work immediately, and does not need to wait until the new
fiscal year.


The shared ministry dinner will be in the fall and will be run by the Team Council instead of by
the COM team.


The board will direct the finance team to have an independent financial review as is required by
the bylaws. Upon completion, the results will be made available to the congregation in the


There was discussion of the annual meeting requirements as it is approaching quickly. The
Newsletter Team is awaiting the budget summary and the slate of candidates with summaries to
put in the newsletter. It should be noted in the newsletter and at the annual meeting that full
budgets are available to anyone who wants one by asking the Treasurer (Lorna Youngs). David


J. said the Nominating Committee has an internal deadline of April 27th to have the slate of
candidates complete. The information is needed by April 29th to be included in the May


LJ asked the visitors if they had anything they would like to share or ask before they were
dismissed for Executive Session. There were no requests or comments by the visitors.


An Executive Session was called by LJ to discuss the proposed budget which include staff
salary information and visitors were asked to leave.


The Executive Session ended. During Executive Session the board agreed that the budget was
good and should be forwarded to the congregation for approval. According to the bylaws,
“discussions are to be kept confidential by all participants, subject to the chairs’ approval of
release of information”.


The meeting adjourned at 8:18 p.m.


The next Board meeting will be Thursday, May 12, at 6:00 p.m.


The annual meeting will be Sunday, May 22, immediately after second service.


Respectfully submitted by Paul Parmley