Thank You For Your Support in 2016 of the UUCS Microfinance Project

Thanks to your generosity and support, we raised $4,400 in October 2016 from Share the Plate, direct contributions, and sales of jewelry and other items from Africa and Nicaragua! 

Thambanathi craftsRon Hockley with the NEO Fund spoke to our congregation at the October 9th services on how The NEO Fund learned what was most effective to help those in need.  He told how, in the beginning, they gave spare coins and even beanie baby dolls before they realized that, while good intentioned, this approach does not address people’s needs that are struggling to survive.  Using local people who work closely with the poor, they identified the importance of providing people with the means to earn a sustainable living and lift their families out of poverty.  Check out the NEO Fund’s website to learn more about how they have helped individuals.

We will use the amount we raised in October to send $4000 to The NEO Fund for microlending to the poor living near the dumps in Nicaragua.  $400 will be given to IMANI to help Kenyan women farm crops to yield food and a profit to be applied for healthcare and schooling.  

The UUCS Microfinance Committee is in the beginning stage of planning a trip to Nicaragua to visit people we are helping through our project.   We are considering going in either late 2017 or early 2018.  If you’re interested in joining us, please contact