Volunteer for the Finance Team

dollar-499481_1280If you are interested in any aspect of finance there are short term and long term opportunities. We are forming two ad hoc committees. One committee will explore the electronic tools available to facilitate giving at the collection plate. The second committee will explore how to increase income from renting the building while striking a balance with the congregation’s building use needs. The committees will meet for as long as it takes to do the research necessary to help develop recommendations that the Finance Team will bring to the Board.

Finally, if you are interested in becoming a member of the Finance Team, we need broader congregational points of view as well as help in accomplishing our agenda items. We are exploring ways to use electronic giving applications, to increase opportunities for events generating rental income, and to improve our annual pledge drive. The Team also plans to update the Financial Policy and Procedures Manual, and last but not least, to develop a Financial Strategic plan in coordination with the Board’s strategic planning efforts.

To find out more about the Finance Team’s activities and/or join either an ad hoc committee or the Team itself, please contact the Finance Team Chair, John Prohodsky, email johnmpro@gmail.com.