A New Resource for Our Children: “The Cozy Corner”

There’s a new space in the fellowship hall designed to be especially comfortable, peaceful, and child friendly.  It’s called, “The Cozy Corner.”   As an inclusive congregation it’s important that the parents of babies and toddlers feel secure knowing that if their child needs some quiet time or a place to freely move around during the service, “The Cozy Corner is available.  if your child is not in the nursery or if we do not have nursery care available on a Sunday, the “Cozy Corner” is available.  It can be unrealistic to expect some of our small children and infants to sit through an entire service without being distracted.  There are times when even adults need to take some time to stretch and gather their thoughts.   They’re also welcome to take advantage of this welcoming space.  It provides relative privacy for nursing mothers; it’s close to restrooms with changing tables and kitchen facilities are available, if needed. 

     The space has a rocking chair, toy box, carpet to soften toddlers’ tumbles, and additional materials for diversion and thoughtful interaction.  A closed circuit large screen TV has been installed.  It will soon have the capacity for closed circuit broadcasting of the service in real time.   This will make possible everyone being included in the service.   A special “Thank You” to all those who made this a reality.