Welcoming Congregation Movie Night January 23

A gingerbread cutout with labels" identity, expression, attraction, and sex"

A gingerbread cutout with diagrams about gender identity, gender expression, gender attraction, and biological sexOn Monday January 23rd at 7:30pm the Welcoming Congregations team will present the documentary “Do I Sound Gay?” A documentary that examines the stereotype of the “gay accent” After the movie please join us for a discussion. For more information contact Benjahmin Boschee at benjahminboschee@yahoo.com.

This is part of our congregation’s Welcoming Congregation re-certification process.  A Welcoming Congregation certification confirms the congregation’s openness toward LGBTQA (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer and asexual) individuals and communities. Re-certification efforts involve a monthly movie with a discussion group, a monthly newsletter article, and a review of the congregation’s efforts over the past five years for inclusive language. The process will be completed in time for the congregation to vote on renewing our Welcoming Congregation certification at the annual meeting on May 21.