This year’s pledge drive at UUCS is about pooling the resources of our community – our financial support for the congregation AND our wisdom, our goodwill, and our insight about how this congregation makes a difference and what mission we might be called to now. We want to do this in a way that is effective with our time, knowing that many of us have busy schedules and yet also want to give input on the work of our congregation and our vision for the future.

Participate! in Small Group Discussions

During the month of February, starting on February 5, we’ll gather in small groups of 6-8 to practice deep sharing and deep listening prompted by three questions:

  • what do you love about UUCS?       Banner with Particpate and celebrate- wider margin 2017-1-22
  • how does UUCS make a difference in your life?
  • what breaks your heart about our community or our world, about which you think UUCS could make a difference?

These groups will be facilitated to ensure that everyone gets a chance to share from the heart and to share the time. The insights that YOU bring will be noted and gathered so that a task force appointed by the board can include them in discerning how to direct our collective energy toward healing people and the world.

At the end of your small group, you’ll have the opportunity to complete your pledge card indicating your household’s financial contribution for the 2017-18 year. If you’re not ready to complete the pledge card right then, you are welcome to take it home, have a discussion, and bring the card back to church any time up to the end of our pledge drive on February 26. 

We are aiming for 100% of households to return a pledge card this year, so that we know who is active and participating in our congregational life. Each household should choose the amount of pledging appropriate to their resources and budget – we trust you to pledge in a way that honors your needs and the value of our church! We are entering challenging times, and we will need each other in the coming years. When you return your pledge card, with whatever amount makes sense for your household, please be sure we have your current contact information. There will be boxes to check to indicate where your information has changed.

How Your Ideas Apply to the Budget Process

The small group meetings that will be held in February 2017 will help Rev. Rick and the Board understand how UUCS can make a difference in the lives of members and our community. Implementing what is learned will require increasing the amount we spend on growth and outreach to fund identified activities and programs. Currently, only 3% is allocated for growth and outreach. Our bylaws prohibit making a budget that exceeds the pledged amounts.

This chart shows how UUCS spends its funds now. A pie chart showing How UUCS spends its funds 2017-1-31

The  Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem needs adequate resources to maintain and strengthen our collective faith. We also have growing needs:

  • Maintenance for our 20 year old building. This year we have replaced the fire alarm system, upgraded the heating controls, fixed the fellowship hall furnace, and repaired a furnace that heats classrooms. All were unexpected and required drawing deeply on our small reserves.
  • More staffing for our highly regarded Religious Exploration program, which brings people to UUCS who would otherwise not be attracted. Often they are pleasantly surprised by what they see and become members.
  • Salary and benefits for someone to market, coordinate and manage facilities rental, providing our community with a potential income of tens of thousands of dollars.

Increasing your pledge will make a difference that is far greater than your increased giving. That is because it will allow our finance team to plan for our growth. If you haven’t pledged before, know that even the smallest amount will help us make a difference and fulfill our promise.

Rev. Rick Davis has written a letter expressing his hopes and dreams for our religious community.

The Unitarian Universalist Association, of which we are a part, offers this Suggested Fair-Share Contribution Guide, to help you decide an appropriate pledge for you.


Click here to submit your pledge electronically.  When you click Submit on the form, emails will be sent to you and to the pledge committee.

Celebrate! February 26

On the fourth and final Sunday of February it’ll be time to celebrate!  We want EVERYONE to join us for our CELEBRATION SUNDAY, February 26. Enjoy a Celebration Brunch after the first service, or a Celebration light lunch after the second service.  On this day, you’ll have an opportunity to turn in your pledge card indicating your financial support for the life and shared ministry of our beloved free faith community.  This promises to be a wonderful celebration!