Sexual Harassment Training March 12

slide for employee training on sexual harassment 3-6-2017

slide for employee training on sexual harassment 3-6-2017The 1964 Civil Rights Act changed the way men and women may act in the workplace. While this law has been in effect for a long time, there still exists much confusion over what is and is not sexual harassment (and harassment of any nature for that matter). While some circumstances are very clear (go out with me if you want a promotion), other situations are harder to define.
UUCS is presenting training on March 12, 2017 after the second service to promote a healthy work environment for our employees and a positive place of fellowship for our congregation and their guests. The focus will be on the defining sexual harassment and behaviors that could be considered harassment; how to prevent it from happening; and, how to stop it if it does occur.

Part of this training is introducing a new committee, the Safer Congregation Committee, which will deal with these issues at UUCS. Their contact person is Stephanie Jernstedt. available at
Please join Jo Nathan and Carol Doolittle from the Committee on Human Resources for training on this important topic. The training will be held in the sanctuary shortly after the second service.
Hope to see you there!