UUCS Annual Meeting, Sunday May 21 after 10:30 Service

Checking voting membership status

UUCS members check their voting status at tables in the Foyer prior to the annual meeting 2014-5-4The Annual UUCS Congregational Meeting will be held in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday May 21st at 11:45 am following the kickoff of our Single Service Summer.  On the agenda are election of Board and Nominating Committee officers, voting to approve the 2017-18 annual congregational budget, and a vote on the Sanctuary Congregation resolution.  There will be a light lunch provided and it will be a good opportunity for fellowship.  Childcare will be available.  We look forward to seeing all of you there.

Information regarding the Nominating Committee’s proposed candidates, the 2017-18 Annual Budget, and the Sanctuary Congregation Resolution was posted in the monthly newsletter and included as links on the 2017 Annual Meeting webpage.  

To conduct business, we need a quorum at the meeting which is 25% of our February 2017 UUA Certified membership.  Ideally, we will have over 65 members in attendance to vote.   You may provide another member with your proxy if you cannot attend, however a proxy does not count towards the quorum.
There will be a membership verification table in the foyer in the weeks leading up to the Annual UUCS Business Meeting.  Please be sure to stop by and verify that your membership is current and certified, as defined by our bylaws:  Members must be 16 years of age or over, have shown sympathy with the Congregation’s purpose as stated in Article II by signing the membership book, and have within the last twelve months made a financial pledge and an identifiable financial contribution.

Important issues or statements, that rise to the level of a Congregational Resolution, are welcome. Refer to the UUCS Bylaws for resolution submission procedures (https://uucstest.uusalem.org/uucs-bylaws/).