Help With Bateman Woods Path Maintenance

UUCS bateman Woods prep for Mayday 2017-4-30

UUCS bateman Woods prep for Mayday 2017-4-30Six years ago, Bateman Woods was 2 acres of UUCS land covered with blackberries and weeds that made 90% of the property inaccessible. Now, it’s an open and a beautiful place to visit. But, the land still needs lots of care.

This month, June 2017, we’re expecting truckloads of free wood chips to be delivered from Elwood & R & R Tree Services.  We’ll need LOTS of help moving it from the parking lot into the Woods. We’re not sure when it’s coming, but know that when it arrives it’s going to be easy to see and all will want it off the parking lot.

We hope there are lots of people are interested in helping. If you let us know what you are able to help, we’ll contact you when the chips are delivered. We can be contacted at: