Looking Ahead to Fall Religious Exploration Programming

foliage-152051_640-1FIRST SERVICE:   We have an exciting new religious exploration offering this fall!  Our first service RE will be a kinesthetic multigenerational experience, (all ages are encouraged to participate) led by staff.  All participants will meet in the RE Commons, gather for chalice lighting and reading and then have the opportunity to participate in a thematic group activity.  We are adapting “Spirit Jam” (www.spiritjam.info) to accommodate UUCS RE learning. 

We are looking forward to singing, dancing, knitting, reading, writing, sculpting, building, gardening, drumming, and much more with all ages together during first service.  Come WORSHIP TOGETHER with your children and build new connections!   You could then send your children to the second service RE offering and attend second service in the sanctuary. Make first service a new opportunity to experience time together as a family – SO looking forward to leading this offering!

SECOND SERVICE:  We will have individual offerings for Nursery (infant-3 years old), Wisdom of Wondering (Preschool-3rd Grade), Explorers (4th grade – 7th grade), YRUU (8th – 12th Grade). 

Wisdom of Wondering children will have stories that teach the principles with age appropriate wondering questions and activities to extend the learning.  Explorers will have curriculum that explores the world around them with UU lenses.  Each of these classes will get to have time in the Spiritual Play room that will provide exploration of sensory opportunities to learn about being mindful  and experience different types of spiritual practices.  This room will be available for all RE classes.