Pie Day Fruit Picking Parties

Boysen berries on vine various stages of ripeness uploaded 2017-6-26
 Boysen berries on vine various stages of ripeness uploaded 2017-6-26Before there can be a Pie Day, there has to be fruit picking. Why not make it a party? Let’s form groups and go pick fruit, then pack the fruit for freezing and enjoy each other’s company.
For several years, members and friends of UUCS, both experienced and inexperienced bakers, “the Board of Crusteaze,” has put together about 200 pies on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, for sale at UUCS on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. All ingredients, dough, and fruit are prepared and frozen ahead of time. That’s where the pre-pie parties come in.We need help picking the fruit and celebrating the harvest.
  • Organizer for Blueberries – Mark Kendall – time- Happening soon!- Contact Mark.
  • Organizer for Marion Berries – Vicki Cunningham – time -Mid July around the 17th, or when the farmer is done- contact Vicki.
  • Organizer for Wild Black berries – time- usually August- Could it be you?
  • (Apples are already covered by Mark’s backyard trees.)
Pickers need to bring small  buckets, sturdy shoes and probably long sleeves. If we get enough for our Pie Day pies, you can pick for yourselves also.
If anyone has access to pie cherries or rhubarb, please let Vicki know. Also, we always need freezer space!