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The theme of this year’s pledge drive is “We can have a dream, too.” Why dreams? Because dreams can lead to actions that make a better future for us and for our world. “We” is all of us—congregation, staff, ordained ministers. Like star athletes, we have to visualize success, dream it, before we can realize it. In January and February, staff and team leaders shared their dreams with us in videos during services. They help us visualize dreams for our shared community.

Participate in the Dream!

Now it is time for you to visualize a better future for UUCS. Click on a link below to see specific dreams, or click on the playlist to see all of them.

On January 7, we heard from Sara Greenleaf about dreams for the music program.

On January 15, Samantha Scales, Office Manager, shared her dreams about how a little help could go a long way.

On January 22, Christi Olsen, DLRE shared her dreams for the RE program.

On January 29, the Facilities Team shared their dreams for bringing “sexy” back to our building.

On February 4, Carol Doolittle shared dreams for our Human Resources team.

On February 18, Rev. Rick and Monica Jacobson-Tennessen shared dreams for UUCS.

Our current budget for 2017-18 does not include

  • Funds to provide health insurance for our employees.
  • Funds to pay our employees the average amount that similar employees receive under UUA guidelines.
  • Funds to cover general maintenance, let alone replacement of our 20-year old building equipment.
  • Funds to tune our pianos.
  • Funds for an assistant to aid our part-time church administrator.
  • Funds to provide sufficient hours for our music director to grow the music program and Concerts in the Sanctuary.
  • Funds to pay musicians at services where the choir is not present.

We do so much at UUCS so very well, but we can do better if each of gives a little more.

We give to UUCS because we love our community and our UU mission in the world. Please turn in your Estimate of Giving form with your most generous estimate. Please understand that it is not a contract, but your expression of your gratitude for what UUCS is and what it can be. The Unitarian Universalist Association, of which we are a part, offers this Suggested Fair-Share Contribution Guide, to help you decide an appropriate pledge for you.

Celebrate! February 25

On the fourth and final Sunday of February it’ll be time to celebrate! Bring your appetite and a fabulous appetizer to celebrate our UUCS community and the start of this year’s pledge drive. We will have one service at 10:30 am, followed by mimosas and an appetizer potluck. Get together for great fellowship and food. Watch the videos where the UUCS staff and volunteers share their dreams for making UUCS a better place for gathering and building community.


Click here to submit your pledge electronically.  When you click Submit on the form, emails will be sent to you and to the pledge committee.