New Security System Requires New Codes

Alarm system keypad

Alarm System KeypadIf you are among the members authorized with the codes to access the building, you will need to apply for a new security alarm code. You can apply using the online form or you can stop by the UUCS office during normal business hours (Tuesday – Friday, 9 am – 1 pm).

Important note: The new system provides each person with a unique code. While filling out the online form, you are given your unique code. This does NOT mean that the alarm has been programmed to accept your code. You will receive an additional email from the office once your code is ready for use.

DO NOT WAIT until just before you need the code to request it. Submit your request with sufficient lead time for the Office Manager to set up your code in the alarm system and send you an email confirming that your request is complete.

Stay tuned for changing the codes to the key boxes…