Recruiting Hosts for Summer and 2018-2019

host Egon Bodtker 340kb 2017-08-03We are recruiting Sunday service hosts for this summer (May 27 – September 9) and for the 2018 – 2019 year. You can express your interest by filling out the online form or contacting Michael Pollard at

Have you ever thought about joining a Host team? The letter below written by Carol Manka after her “retirement” from the program in July, 2016 provides an excellent insider’s view of what it means to be UUCS Host.

All of us know that being a UUCS Host is not easy. It requires special skills. You have to focus on why you’re there and you have to be available to help anyone who needs information, assistance, or just wants to talk. You have to keep your eye on the door and the people coming in, detect a newcomer, and greet and guide them.
That often means that you can’t talk at length with friends and members of other teams, which is often one of the heartfelt reasons you come to UUCS.
The Host Teams are UUCS’ Ambassadors. We are ushers and hosts; information gatherers and disseminators; helpers and enablers; the first representatives of the congregation that visitors see, hear, and meet.
Being an ambassador is an honor and a pleasure even for those of us who are introverted and who struggle to reach out to speak to strangers with the goal of touching another person’s life and perhaps changing it, as UUCS often does.
When UUCS Hosts are effective in all these roles, people will join UUCS, adding to its diversity and strengthening it with new ideas, new knowledge and new experiences. This grows UUCS’ collective energy into more robust and effective congregational programs that nurture and support the Salem community.
Think about it. Each Host is an Ambassador for the only Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Salem!

~Carol Manka, July 19, 2016