Run for the Climate August 25

On Saturday morning, August 25th, the Climate Action Group 350 Salem OR and the international youth environmental organization Plant for the Planet, are hosting a 5k family run/walk at Minto Brown Park.

The run is designed to engage the community about the effects of climate change, show support for Salem’s efforts to craft a city wide climate action plan and raise funds for educational efforts.

Roberta Cade of 350 Salem plans to be there. “Our run allows us to reach even more people about the climate change we see and feel,” she says, “while offering information about solutions. I’m excited to be part of it”.

350 Salem OR Advocates for a fossil free Salem, and is on the front lines of multiple efforts in the city, the state, and the region. Plant For the Planet has a goal of planting 1 trillion trees worldwide to sequester carbon. They held their first youth training academy and tree planting in Salem last November.

The run is inspired by Lucy Edwards, a young environmental lawyer living in Auckland, New Zealand. Lucy recently completed 19 half marathons in 30 days in communities around the globe being impacted by climate change, while raising funds for Generation Zero, a youth climate organization based in her home country. Her blog can be found at

Edwards, about her running, says, “I am extremely lucky to have grown up pursuing my passion of running through nature in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. However, if we continue to emit greenhouse gasses at the current rate, future generations may not be able to run along the coast, jump in local lakes, or bike through forests – activities I have always taken for granted.”

All are invited and welcome to participate in the Salem Run for the Climate. Interested people can register at Run Sign Up, where more details are provided. Also, visit for additional information.