Dharma Gaia Circle Connections Group Begins October 21

This fall, a new special interest connection group, called Dharma Gaia Circle, is forming. As the name suggests, this group will explore the nexus between Buddhist practice (i.e. meditation and Dharma readings and discussion) on one hand and Gaian consciousness (i.e. environmental advocacy and Earth-healing through Permaculture theory and practice) on the other. We will meet once a month for meditation and discussion of readings and other topics chosen by the group, and periodically we will sponsor Gaia Walks–mindful hiking in various parks and nature reserves in our area–which will be open to anyone, but limited to 12 participants for each session.

Our first meeting will be at 9:00 AM on Sunday, October 21, room TBA.

For questions, call Tom Ellis at 971-701-6965 (H) or send a text message to 503-385-5594 (C).