Join the Committee on Human Resources

Thoughts from the Committee on Human Resources (CHR)….

Employees are one of businesses greatest assets and key to their success.  Employees are also one of any businesses greatest expense!   UUCS is many things to many people, but being a non-profit employer isn’t a role that generally gets a lot of attention.  However, being a non-profit employer is a critical role; not only for our dedicated employees, but also for the overall success of UUCS.

UUCS needs your help!  Not only do we want and need to fulfill our obligations as a non-profit employer, we want to become an employer of choice.  An employer of choice provides a positive and supportive work environment as well as competitive salaries and benefits for its employees. 

So how does UUCS do this? Well, the truth is, it can’t be done without the help and support from its congregation.  Yep!  That means you!! 

So how can you help?  So glad you asked!!!   UUCS’s non-profit employer obligations require both financial and business operational support.

  • Financial support requires congregants to pledge at levels that provide competitive salaries and benefits for UUCS employees.
  • Business operational support requires congregants to commit their time and energy by serving as volunteers.

The future of UUCS depends on the financial support of its congregation as well as the commitment of its volunteers. 

Becoming a member of the Committee on Human Resources (CHR) is a great way to fulfill your volunteer commitment!  Our mission is to support a shared ministry environment that provides a fun, respectful, efficient and effective work culture in keeping with the UUCS covenant of good relations and UUA principles.  Our purpose is to recruit and retain a highly qualified, diverse and talented work force that supports the UUCS mission. 

Experience working with personnel, benefits and management is helpful, but not required.   The only requirement needed is that you want to help UUCS succeed in providing our current and future employees the support they deserve.

 You can get additional information by calling Jo Nathan, CHR Chair at 503-871-8868 or Craig Rowland, CHR Co-Chair at 503-000-0043.  To have CHR information sent to you please send your request to Jo at   Thank you in advance for your interest.