Reception Volunteers Needed

Building front door entry

Building front door entryUUCS needs smiling faces and welcoming voices to cover the phone and reception during office hours: Tues—Fri, 9am—1pm. We’ve set up 2 hour shifts: 9am—11am and 11am—1pm.

In the coming weeks, it will be especially important that the congregation step up to help with answering phones, greeting visitors, and doing building tours:

Answering phones: Most calls are from members, but we do get calls from our Salem community looking for help with difficult situations, or wondering “What is a UU?” So, you answer the phone and give the best help you are able – and take messages when needed.

Greeting visitors: Members and non-members should see a smile when they enter the building! We want to keep up our Welcoming energy! Some know exactly what they need, and go on about their business, and some need assistance. Reception volunteers help them find the answers they need.

Building Tours: A few times a month we have visitors who are inquiring about what it means to be a UU and take time out of their day to visit. And, others stop by to see if our facility is one that would be suited to an event they are planning. Both types generally want to have a look around and appreciate a kind, attentive reception.

What’s changed, you ask? Our Office Administrator, Samantha Scales, has accepted a position elsewhere that will provide health benefits for her family. Her last day with UUCS will be Friday, April 19.

So the office is in special need of consistent coverage for a while. Can you help?