Master Gardener Classes begin January 6 – First 5 Registrants Free

Every Monday from January 6 through March 3 attend the Master Gardener class.

If it’s time to move “become a Master Gardener” from your bucket list to your resume, you can start now. Check out the Marion County Master Gardener How-To Page, or go directly to the application for the 2020 class which will begin on January 6, 2020. The cost is $100. However, the first 5 UUCS registrants can attend for free. (Let Angela know that you’ve registered and she’ll handle the transaction.) Payment for the class is due at the orientation session, to be scheduled in December.

This gives you nearly six months to burnish your green thumb and dust off your thinking cap so you’re ready for an interesting and challenging class. We look forward to seeing you!