Landscape Team Wish List

The UUCS Landscape Team has a wish list and maybe you can help!

  • We can use a flatbed trailer for to receive refuse and then to haul it for dumping when full.
  • We can use a light kink-less hose or two.
  • We would welcome a deep wheelbarrow and extra trowels also.

We still need a few more regular volunteers to cover maintenance. You can perform these tasks on your own schedule:

  • Do you have time to mow once every other week? We need this job done on Fridays or Saturdays. We even have a new lawn mower to ease the task!
  • Can you blow the parking lot and walkways when needed?
  • Will you adopt the job of weeding the West plateau above Cordon road when needed?

These tasks need volunteers at specific times:
Can you help when we need to do clean up of Bateman woods? Could you welcome workers at the work parties, create name tags and handle sign-ups? Also at work parties, we need someone to set up the snack table. (We will reimburse you for stocking needed supplies.)

If you can help with any of these things, send an email to Your email will be sent to the current chair, Iris Sea.