Front Lawn Landscaping Changes are Happening!

Stop by the Landscape Team  table after service on March 15 to see the display and look over the list of ways that you can help. Sign up at the table to be contacted when weather cooperates and supplies arrive.

Here’s the whole story: The front lawn area has declined with age and needs work to make our entrance a well groomed and easy to care for area. We will remove the welcome sign to the moles and weeds by forming lined paths with gravel and building random berms for evergreen shrubs and trees. It will be a beautiful and welcoming space for our congregation and can encourage our space for rental bookings.

We will need “all hands on deck” to bring the labor and material costs to within reason. Knowing that many of you have working hours and others are unable to do heavy lifting, we are asking you to consider contributing in one of several ways. First, if you can, find the 3 or 4 hours of digging, wheelbarrowing or spreading materials by stretching your days. There are many hours needed to get this garden done: spreading dirt against the newly built retaining frame and forming berms, digging some lawn out, laying out the drip system, framing spaces with retaining bricks and rock, clear and level paths, spread weed lining, spread gravel on paths and then planting.

There is a lot of work that women can do. We can have a ladies day spreading and securing weed liner and placing edging bricks and rocks along the paths.

There will be a display of the garden design at our coffee hour and sign up sheets where or when or how to contribute. The completion can only be done with your help. Yes, come join the crew and make this garden come alive. Thanks to all of you for your extra effort and enjoy your sense of pride each time you view the entrance to our remarkable building.

Submitted by Iris Sea, Landscape committee