What’s Happening with UUCS Landscaping?

Here is a very recent picture of the UU front yard project that has been worked on by Iris Sea, John Davenport, Neil Pierson, Allan Holland, & Andy Driscoll. It is very close to completion!

John Davenport and Bonnie Heitsch are beautifying the Memorial Garden. John is working on the bench that will make that a very good spot for meditation. A crew worked on weeding the bed between Center St and the parking lot. The large cedar bush that has overgrown the front fence is being cut back to help control the black berry vines that have grown up in it. There has been progress in Bateman Woods – weeding and clearing the paths and reestablishing some that have become completely overgrown.

Lots more to do! A team has been working out on the back patio – so many weeds! The amazing Gang of Four mowers are keeping up with the grass that is loving the combination of rain and sun that we have had recently! Anyone else out there itching to mow?
All kinds of help is needed by the Landscape Team – it’s easy to maintain social distance doing landscape work – if you are interested in helping, let Steve Rosen know: sjr1948@gmail.com/503 551-5501